Sorting publications#

To sort a list of publications you have to input a parameter behind the URL. Currently it is not possible to sort bookmarks.

An example to sort a publication list according to the year of appearance (ascending):

If you want to have the latest articles on top you must add additionally the parameter


Other sorting parameters instead of "year" can be:

  • author
  • editor
  • year
  • entrytype
  • title
  • booktitle
  • journal
  • school

These options can be combined with the character "&", an option can be indicated and its duplicates can be removed. For example, with the combination of


An option retrieves a list without duplicate entries, sorted first by year (descending order) and then by entry type (ascending order).

You can even combine fields using "|" as delimiter, e. g. to sort the same year posts by author's name:


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